Friday, January 30, 2015

Best In The Desert bans drones from events

January 29, 2015 
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News Release
Citing safety issues and information from the FAA, Casey Folks, Director of Best In The Desert, announced [January 15] that ALL DRONES are now banned from all Best In The Desert events in 2015.
Any media member, photographer or videographer found breaking this rule will be dealt with accordingly. The ban also includes any race team member or spectator usages in the pits, spectator areas or on the racecourse.
Folks was quoted, “Due to the serious consequences of drones interfering with aircraft, I have made a decision to ban all drones from all of our races. There will be appropriate penalties for anyone found operating a drone at a Best In The Desert event. We work hard to ensure our races are the safest in the world, and this ban will help us maintain that direction.”
Folks also commented, “If you are a media person, pit crew member or spectator and fly a drone, you are creating a potentially hazardous situation. Please know drones are VERY DANGEROUS to the safety of all concerned, people in the air and on the ground.”


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