Friday, November 8, 2013

MotoGP: Valencia Burgess "blindsided" by Rossi split

Valentino Rossi's long-time crew chief Jerry Burgess has said he was blindsided by his rider's decision to not renew his Yamaha MotoGP contract into 2014.

Rossi announced yesterday that he and the Australian veteran would not work together next season as he needed to try something new in order to get back on the top step more regularly.

"Clearly, it blindsided me. I was not expecting it whatsoever but I knew yesterday when Valentino invited me into his trailer that we weren't going in there for the Christmas bonus," said Burgess, speaking to Valencia.

 "I haven't made any plans for the future at this stage. My intention, obviously, was to continue next year, dependant on results and desire. Our contracts are year by year so we are at liberty to make that call. We have been four years chasing rainbows, we haven't nailed anything decent.

These are long periods in racing and it becomes more difficult. I have read many sports biographies and in many cases, top sportsmen in the latter part of his career may have a change of caddy or change of coach. This is part of that fix, this is part of trying to get Valentino back on top, to extend his career and be competitive.

 "Obviously I'm disappointed but I understand that some change was necessary and only history will determine the outcome of this adjustment. It's an adjustment to improve the package for Valentino and if this does it than it's been a success."
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