Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shoei VFX-W Helmet Review

 The Shoei VFX-W off road helmet, this has got to be one of the best fitting and venting helmets I have ever used. Not to mention the design and finish are top notch! The Japanese company has been offering safe and eye-popping helmets to Americans for decades so it is no surprise that this helmet ranks in as tops on the list.
I must admit at first getting this on took some effort but once on the fit was fantastic. When purchasing any helmet a rule of thumb is to always get a snug fit; but NOT to where you feel your head might explode. In most cases a snug fit is a good fit! The key is “pull the straps apart as wide as you can before you pull it over”. This will still be challenging but worth it in the end once it is on; after a few times of getting this on and off you will figure out the secret.
 Shoei uses a dual-density EPS lining, which is softer at the crown and more dense around the sides of the helmet. The softer lining is meant to crush during an impact and reduce the force to your head. Everyone is different and for me the minor discomfort when putting this on is nothing compared to the feel once you have it on. What is also great is that Shoei has four different sizing molds (extra-small,medium,large and extra-large) to give you one of the best custom fitments available today. Most helmets are only available in three shell sizes. The extra shell size means that size gaps aren’t achieved by varying padding thickness, if you need different size cheek pads they are available but I would suggest running with the stock size until they have a chance to break in.
The shape is also new and cutting edge, with the bold lines and creases the shell has a look all to itself. With the rear creases this allows for your goggle strap to be perfectly placed, not sure if the engineers thought of this but most likely they did and not a coincidence. The plastic snap on vents are also a thing of the past, no need to worry about them breaking any longer. Speaking of vents the three-piece liner is designed to rout air through the interior to keep your head cool when your body heats up. If your head is cool your body will stay cooler so you can ride longer.
This helmet is not just pretty to look at, Shoei very much looks towards safety when making a helmet. Shoei incorporated what they have coined the “Emergency Quick Release System”. This system allows medical personal to remove the cheek pads while they helmet is still on the rider. In my opinion this is one of the best features the helmet has.

Still not convinced on how great this helmet is well check this out:
• Motorcross Action Magazine gave the helmet FIVE stars, only one other helmet received five stars from MXA and that was the Arai VX-Pro3.
• Transworld Motocross said to look no further than the Shoei VFX-W.
Shoei VFX-W Features:

• AIM+ Shell Construction
• Dual-Layer EPS Liner
• V-430 "Sleek" Visor
• 3D Max-Dry Liner System
• Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS)
• Ventilation System
• "Sleek" Mouthpiece
• 5-Year Warranty

The Shoei VFX-W is one of the best off road helmets I have ever tried. The helmet fit very well with the shape of my face and was not overly snug. The VFX-W is available in sizes X-Small to 2XL and HelmetMan always offers a discount for all Shoei helmets starting at 10% of MSRP.

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