Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bell Rogue Helmet Review


The Bell Rogue Helmet, when I first saw this I was not really sure what to make of it.  It looked similar to a tactical helmet but also it quickly reminded me of someone wearing a half helmet with a bandana over his/her face.  I was very interested to see how the fit and feel would be along with how the face mask would work.  I first gave the Bell Rogue a try during bike week in Arizona; usually I wear my Bell Carbon Star Black Beauty but figured this is a great time to change and with the weather being pretty hot why not.  My first impression was “not bad”, as I wore it more my opinion changed to “pretty nice” and by the end of the day I was on board with it.  I really liked how the fit was comfortable from the first time and the muzzle protected my face from bugs.

If you are not sure about the muzzle on how it works or if there will be a problem with vision don’t be.  The muzzle is made of two parts, a hard polyurethane outer shell that’s flexible and a soft, removable inner liner made of cloth.  You may choose to wear this snug against your face or with a bit of clearance between your jaw and the muzzle. All you need to do is remove the liner.  It also has two adjustable muzzle straps on each side of the helmet to further dial in the fit, by pushing in the button / holding them in place to move the straps in or out. The Bell Rogue’s muzzle comes with two ‘FidLock’ magnetic connections, so once it’s lined up with the slots, the magnets will pull it into place.  A bit of advice; when you first use the muzzle line up one at a time instead of trying to do both simultaneously.  With one lined up it makes the second a lot easier and faster to put in.  If you would rather not use the muzzle just slide up and out it will come.  Also once you have the desired fit adjust the muzzle straps as this will also make installing and removing along with putting the helmet on a lot easier.

Now for the helmet itself, as mentioned above the helmet was comfortable from the first time I put it on.  The ears and the lower section where it sits against your neck are well-padded. The front padding that sits against my forehead is minimal but did not rub or feel uncomfortable.  The liner is held in by four snaps and the ear pads have three snaps keep them secure.  This makes for easy removal for washing and what not.  A nice added feature is the ear pads come with speaker pockets for communication systems.   A liner of polystyrene about three-quarters of an inch thick will deflect much of the force of an impact, while a hard fiberglass and polyester resin shell is the primary protector.

What I also liked about this hybrid helmet is unlike a traditional half-shell, the Bell Rogue has an extra section that starts at the ears and extends below the half shell in back that not only makes it more comfortable but keeps it from riding up when you’re riding.  As for quiet this does pretty well, the longer shell in the back and sides helps keep some of the noise out.

Bell Rogue Features:

Lightweight composite shell
Durable and innovative Muzzle for optimal rider comfort
Adjustable Muzzle features removable liner
FidLock magnetic connection makes it easy to put on/take off the Muzzle
3 shell and EPS sizes for maximum comfort and size range
Removable and washable interior
Convenient speaker pockets
Premium stainless steel D-rings and metal badges
Five-year warranty
DOT approved

As for the whole package I was impressed.  The helmet fits much better than a half-shell, especially at speed, and if the weather’s sunny and warm, you’ve got the option to pop off the muzzle and get full, unobstructed exposure to the elements.   The Bell Rogue Helmet is available in sizes X-Small to 2XL. Choose from black, matte black, matte green or matte gunmetal. Available at The HelmetMan for $249.95.                                


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