Thursday, August 1, 2013

6 Over 60 Riding Coast to Coast for Wounded Warriors – 43 days

Day 43 Kimball, MI

Over the halfway point and still going strong.  The group arrived in Ludington, MI on July 28 and will be leaving tomorrow for London, ON.   Since the last post the guys have rode across – MN, WI and MI.  As of July 27 here are the stats:
Number of Rides                      35
Total Miles                              2,496.23
Total Riding Time                    181:47
Total Elevation Gain                82,463 feet
Average MPH                          14

Sat. July 27 was a special day as Jim paid tribute to a buddy Ray Burbag –“ My good buddy Ray was killed in Vietnam February 1968. We were both due to be discharged in the fall of '68. We had planned to take a few months off and tour the US before going back to college.  44 years later I'm making that tour to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of Ray”
Ray, with his Mom
  Funny how everybody has that special someone that they will never forget, I have a pal that passed away 10 years ago come Dec. and I still think about him every day.  He is buried in a small cemetery in Texas and twice a year I have flowers delivered (I live in Calif.) on his Birthday and Christmas.  There is a flouriest there that expects my call and always has them ready, even today he is still special, not on this earth but still special.  This says it best at the end of Young Guns the movie there was a short verse that was something like this,  “A man snuck into the cemetery and etched one word on the tombstones “Pals”.”   I know the verbiage may be a bit different but you get the point.

Don’t forget The HelmetMan will donate $5.00 for EVERY bicycle helmet sold to the Wounded Warriors during the ride.

Ride Safe and Enjoy,

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