Saturday, June 29, 2013

6 Over 60 Riding Coast to Coast for Wounded Warriors - Week 2

This was the first full week of riding for the guys and I think it went pretty well. The weather was/is cold, wet, hot than cold again that hot and so on but I guess you cannot predict Mother Nature.  To date it appears the guys have peddled some 646 miles in 11 days, not too bad.  Along the way they have met with some old friends, made some new friends and appear to have made memories that will last a lifetime.
Almost every day according to my reports there seems to be a new friend made, that friend often extends a helping hand in one way or another showing that we still have great Americans that will help when given the chance.  This is turning out to be a great ride and meeting great people along the way always helps.
I am a bit behind with my reports but will get on that and post more often.

Don’t forget The HelmetMan will donate $5.00 for EVERY bicycle helmet sold to the Wounded Warriors during the ride.

Ride Safe and Enjoy,

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