Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bell adds Jake Weimer to roster for 2013

Monster Energy Kawasaki standout Jake Weimer will be lining up with a new lid for next season as Bell has added him to their roster of SX/MX riders for the 2013 campaign. Coming off a year that saw the Idaho native finish third overall in outdoors and fifth in Supercross,  The former 2010 West Coast Lites Champion  is excited about the upcoming SX season and his new helmet as well.
"The helmet is so good, I really love it. I've obviously been wearing other brands for quite a while now, and the Moto-9 is definitely my favorite," said Jake Weimer. "I'm looking forward to the 2013 season and I'm really excited about my new look"
Weimer will complete the 450 roster that includes James Stewart and Davi Millsaps.  Weimer will race and train exclusively in the award-winning Bell Moto-9 Carbon.  You can view the Moto-9 and the Moto-9 carbon versions on
The Moto-9 is one of the best off road helmets on the market today.

Artice from Cycle News

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