Wednesday, October 17, 2012

News: Bell Star Infusion NV now on SALE

The Bell Star Infusion NV in both White and Matte Black are now on sale for $499.95 reduced from $789.95.

The Star Infusion NV is the non-ventilated version of the Star Infusion and comes in a standard non-vented configuration with a positive eyeport seal to keep dust out for those that race on dirt. The helmet can be adapted to a top forced air model using Bell’s innovative kit system for those drivers that decide they want to use an external forced air unit. Based on the Star Infusion design and built on innovations first developed in the Bell Infusion, the Star Infusion NV is the ultimate in forced air helmet technology. Developed with feedback from the world's best NASCAR, Late Model and Modified drivers, the SA2010/FIA8858 Star Infusion is a great choice for racers who want a non-ventilated helmet with the option of using a forced air system if needed.

The Star Infusion NV is certified to the Snell SA2010 and the FIA8858 standard. The FIA8858 certification requires the helmet to be tested for use with Head and Neck Restraint Devices. Bell's M6 terminal hardware is incorporated into the helmet and accepts Head and Neck Restraint anchor system hardware. (We recommend consulting with the Head and Neck Restraint manufacturer to select an anchor system that allows the user to index the hardware in the proper location for use with the device.) The Star Infusion NV is compatible with FIA8858-2010 and is recognized by the FIA for use outside of North America.

Developed with Bell’s Air Chamber Technology
Sold in Non Ventilated Configuration
Can be Easily Adapted to a Top Forced Air Configuration (kit sold separately)
Ultra-lightweight Carbon Composite Shell Technology
Standard Eyeport
Positive Seal Visor System
Recessed Face Piece for Seamless Radio Integration
Available in White and Rubberized Matte Black
287/3MM SRV Shield (SRV-1 Pivot System)
E-max Plus Multi-density Liner
E-max Multi-density Liner
Pro-Plus Style Custom-Fit Interior System
M6 Terminal Hardware for Head & Neck Restraint Device Anchor Systems
FIA8858-2010 Certification
Snell SA2010 Certification

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