Monday, May 14, 2012

News: Superbikers of 1982

Remember Superbikers? Here's a look back at the fourth edition of the made-for-TV race from 1982 at Carlsbad Raceway in Carlsbad, California. The race was won by Danny "Magoo" Chandler on his factory Honda over Steve Wise and Jay Springsteen, the latter on a 390-pound Harley-Davidson XR.

Ricky Graham (41) gets the jump on the field in the main event. Steve Wise (1) goes with him while Danny "Magoo Chandler (34) battles a wheelie.

Graham (41) led the race early until he was tracked down by Chandler. (34). "I knew if I could get to the dirt before Ricky, I could pull some time," Chandler would say later.

Alex Jorgensen rode his Rotax thumper to fifth.

Chandler attacks the road race portion of the track on his motocrosser.

Steve Wise finished second to Chandler, who earned $10,000 of the $50,000 purse in the Gavin Trippe-promoted race.

Springsteen gets the big Harley headed in the right direction.

If you did well, like Springsteen did, then you were interviewed for ABC's Wide World of Sports by Sam Posey.

Danny Chandler was all business on the start line before the final.

Story and images from CycleNews

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